World Haemophilia Day 2023 – Patients Gathering
Light it up Red 2023
April 17, 2023

On the occasion of the World Haemophilia Day 2023, HAM organised a patients & family gathering day on the 29th of April 2023 at La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park.

HAM’s extended family enjoyed a buffet lunch. The day was a timely reminder of the global community that embraces them and their condition – a day that celebrates their resilience.

HAM’s President made a speech to summarise the activities done by the Association since 2020. He went over the visit of haematologists, the launching of a new protocol for haemophilia treatment, WFH Congress 2022 and Summit 2023, treatment management during the pandemic, medical twinning, workshops on physiotherapy, nurses training amongst others. Arshad followed with a soft launch of the HAM Mobile App which was very appreciated by the patients. 

The level of care, both holistic and medical, in Mauritius has changed enormously over recent decades. The theme of World Hemophilia Day this year is “Access for All: Prevention of bleeds as the global standard of care.” World Haemophilia Day was a fitting opportunity for us to reflect on the journey to provide treatment access for all and remind ourselves how far we have come in Mauritius. Needless to say, with the advent of the new mobile app, doctors and nurses shall be able to better track bleeds and work towards preventing them. 

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